What are the rules and policies for selling books on Student Souk?

Student Souk's policies are rules that help to create a safe, fair and enjoyable trading environment for all Student Souk members. As a seller, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to Student Souk's selling policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

Policies and guidelines specifically related to selling a book include:

  • Prohibited and restricted books
  • what books can and cannot be listed. Student Souk's restrictions are often based on country, including those dealing with copyright or trademark. However, many restrictions involve the sale of controversial or sensitive books and are not necessarily prohibited by law, and are often rules we have instituted in response to feedback from our Community

  • Listing practices
  • Actions that are not allowed in listings. To promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience, Student Souk has established a set of Community standards and guidelines for listings and other Community content. These include policies restricting the use of profanity, HTML and JavaScript, and links. Student Souk's listing policies also provide guidelines on how certain books may be listed and described. For example, using brand names or other words inappropriately for the purpose of attracting buyers to a listing (called keyword spamming) is not allowed.

  • Completing the sale
  • these policies are related to transactions. For example, accepting payment and sending a book that is significantly different from the book described in the listing is not allowed

Breaches of Student Souk policies can result in a range of actions, including

  • Listing cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Account suspension

How do I sell on Student Souk?

Student Souk makes it fun and easy to make back some of the money you have spent on buying textbooks for university.

To start selling please either registers or login then click on the sell button available in the main menu on every page. Select either "add book" if selling a single book or "add bundle" if you are looking to sell multiple books under one listing and for a single price, for example you may want to sell all of your second year books for a total of 100. Next follow the steps for adding a new listing.

Before you sell on Student Souk you must:

  • Be a registered member and

Before you list a book:

  • Look for similar books that have recently sold on Student Souk to help you select the best category, price, or learn your book's potential value.
  • Review the Seller help section.

Ending Your Listing Early

If you cannot complete your listing as planned, you can end your listing on the "items for sale page" under the sell menu item and by clicking the delete book button for the book you want to end the listing for.

  • You accidentally listed the same book more than once.
  • You made an error in the listing that you couldn't correct
  • You lost or damaged the book.
  • Books have been listed on your account without your consent.

Sell a Book - Getting Started

We strongly discourage sellers to end listings early because it undermines the trust buyers have in the Student Souk platform

  • Register with Student Souk
  • Research your book and the rules of selling, Do some research, especially about setting a price and category. This will help you create a good listing and get the best price for your book. Compare your book with active listings on Student Souk based on category, university, course, and selling price. Learn about Student Souk policies on prohibited and restricted books, as well as what books are accepted or prohibited when listing and completing the sale.
  • Create your listing, Depending on your preference you can either sell your books as single listing at different prices or you can sell them in one bundle for one total price.
  • Manage your listing

    Once you've got your listing up and running, you can:

        1. Edit your listing in the books for sale area by clicking on the edit book button.
        2. You can also end a listing early by clicking on the delete book button.
        3. Answer any questions you receive about your listing. This will help you sell your book by establishing good rapport with potential buyers. When buyers give you positive Feedback, you become a stronger seller on Student Souk.

    And when your listing ends . . .

  • To create a good buying experience for the buyer please consider the following points:
        1. Communicate with your buyer When your buyer completes checkout, you'll be notified by email.
        2. Important Contact your buyer directly if you haven't heard from your buyer within three days of your listing's end.
        3. Receive paymentBe sure you receive payment before you post your book. Make sure that the credit card or electronic payment has been accepted and credited to your account before sending the book.
        4. Post the book to the buyerPack it well! Use bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper to protect the book from transit damage.

Selling multiple books in a bundle

You can sell multiple books in a single listing if you wish to sell your books for a single price to a single buyer.

Here's how it works:

  • When adding a new bundle you will first be prompted to add all of the books to the bundle, once complete you will be prompted to add the bundle details including the name of the bundle e.g. "City University Computing first year books", the price for the whole bundle, shipping and description.
  • When a bundle is bought the buyer will pay for the whole bundle and receive all of the books listed. Buyers are not allowed to pick and choose and try to lower the price of the bundle.

I haven't been paid. What can I do?

If your buyer hasn't paid, here's what you need to do:

  • Contact your buyer Like everyone, buyers can have emergencies or computer problems, so they may not be able to respond to you right away.
  • Send a payment reminder Send the buyer a friendly payment reminder between 3 and 30 days after the listing ends.
  • Relist Item If you still don't get a response from the buyer, or if you feel that you won't receive payment, you can relist your item and notify us of the situation via out support ticket system.

Why Student Souk May Remove Your Listing

To help protect our members, we created guidelines and policies describing books that cannot be listed on Student Souk. Certain things may not be listed on Student Souk because they are:

  • Prohibited by law
  • Prohibited by Student Souk's policies
  • Have been reported as spam on the Student souk site.

Any book that breaches Student Souk policies or infringes on the copyrights of others may be removed. In addition, some listings are removed because the language or photos used in the book title or description breach Student Souk policy. This means that some books you may have bought in a shop, or even possibly on Student Souk, may not be allowed or could be removed due to listing policies.

Reporting a listing If you see a listing that you feel may be prohibited by Student Souk, contact us. Student Souk will investigate it. However, due to privacy concerns we will not be able to tell you about any actions we may take. The actions taken on an account are confidential and between Student Souk and the seller.

If you disagree with the ending of your listing, you can contact us.

If we agree that your book was removed in error, you will be able to relist it.