StudentSouk Help Center

    Searching & Researching

    Discover searching & researching features, tip for how to find best deals no extra time.

  1. How can I find what I want to buy?
  2. Still can't find your item?
  3. Searching for a book by keyword
  4. Using advanced search
  5. I can't find the item I listed for sale. Where is it?

    Payment & Postage

    Discover payment & postage features, tip for how to do payment savely.

  1. How do I know how much to pay?
  2. How do I pay for my book?
  3. Choosing a payment method
  4. Sending Payments with PayPal
  5. What is PayPal?


    Discover buying features, and tips for how to buy save and secure.

  1. How do I buy a book?
  2. How do I buy a book?
  3. Want to return an item?
  4. How do I contact a seller?
  5. What if the Seller doesn't reply?
  6. I no longer want to buy the book. What can I do?
  7. How long should I wait for the seller to contact me?
  8. Buyer Tips
  9. I didn't receive a book I paid for


    Discover selling features, tip for how to sale books and get paid.

  1. How do I sell on Student Souk?
  2. Ending Your Listing Early
  3. Sell a Book - Getting Started
  4. Selling multiple books in a bundle
  5. What are the rules and policies for selling books on Student Souk?
  6. Why Student Souk May Remove Your Listing
  7. I haven't been paid. What can I do?

    Account & Memberships

    Discover account and memberships features, and tips for how to create buyer or seller account and manage it.

  1. New to Student Souk - Getting Started
  2. What is Student Souk?
  3. Why should I register?
  4. Closing your account
  5. Why was my account suspended?
  6. To change your contact information
  7. How can I update my account information?