Unemployment causing Suicides

    July 6th 2010, 23:40pm - Posted by Administrator

  • For most students in UK passing school with ten GCSE and three A levels mean fabulous employment chances when they go out in search of their first jobs. But a recent suicide killing by a 21 year old female student from Lancashire has brought this matter under the spot light and has raised questions about the employers

    Vicky Harrison, a bright, bubbly and sensitive girl, had above mentioned results at the end of her school two years ago and she set about to get employed. She applied for around 300 jobs and received interview calls from 200 of them. She reached for every interview call and felt a few of them really went great and expected to be given the opportunity. After participating in 200 interviews Vicky was confident about a few of them when she felt she made an impact in front of the employer but all in vain. She never had any job offer and it put a huge dent into her confidence and hopes for the bright future.

    Miss Harrison’s mother, Louise, said: “She kept asking me why things weren’t working out for her. I think she had so many knock-backs that it affected her confidence and it is no wonder that she was not getting jobs when she was so lacking in confidence.” Mr Harrison added: 'Several things were bothering her - not having a job, not having any money, not being able to go out with her friends. At that particular time the relationship was off.'

    Her father, Tony, said: “In the end it obviously got her down to such a point that she felt she had no future. It shouldn’t have been like that. She had a lot to give and was very determined.”
    After her two years of job ordeal, her frustration and confidence hit the lowest. One night after spending some time with her father, Miss Vick watched a sad movie, spoke about that with her mom on the pone and was found dead following day in the morning by her with an empty bottle of a drug and a heavy dose of that caused her death.

    Some figures show that over 4,000 young are seeking Jobseeker’s allowance in East Lancashire which is 48% higher since the recession hit UK. These figures should be a great concern for the government and authorities responsible for providing students Joobseeker’s allowance in their time of unemployment. The students who may get refusal on their claim for allowance runs the great risk of resorting to extreme actions like Miss. Vicky Harrison did.

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