UK takes precedence over US for Pakistani students

    June 3rd 2010, 10:52am - Posted by Administrator

  • A sharp decline has been witnessed in Pakistani students applying to US visa, and lately UK has become their preferred destination according to a recent article published in The Washington Post. The article stated the time square bombing attempt and many other incidents as the main culprit for increasing number of Pakistani students going to UK and Australia than the US.

    It said that the stringent US Airport searches and scrutiny of visa for Pakistani students has instigated a strong of sense of rejection and discomfort among the students. Many students applying for student visa to UK , showed their disappointment over the unfair treatment their relatives, friends and acquaintances were given while visiting the US. Some of them admitted having the fear of being labeled Islamic radicals in the US which led them to choose UK for their higher studies.

    This has certainly made UK an even popular choice among Pakistani students. According to the article, it's always been easier for Pakistani students to go to UK for higher studies than other American and European countries. A Pakistani student rated UK’s student visa application system relatively more stream lined and the rules friendlier for Pakistani students than of the other countries. Pakistan, a former British colony, has had many similarities with British education systems which make it easier for Pakistani students to fulfill perquisites to enter a UK university. Moreover, a degree from UK is highly regarded by employers back in Pakistan.

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