Tution fee cap

    July 2nd 2010, 16:18pm - Posted by Administrator

  • Lately, there have been lengthy talks about scrapping the cap on the university tuition fees. The debate has spread to government authorities from general public and steaming up with time. The stakeholders are divided into two groups on the matter; one is in favor the proposal and the other is furiously opposing such decision.

    Lecturers and students have displayed an intense disapproval towards proposal and have argued that such step will cast negative impact on education in UK. On the other hand, James Stand field at E.G West Center the School of Education, asserts in his report, The Broken University, providing subsidy to universities to them help capping the fee increases the demand for places and renders students not seeing the right value of the education they receive at the government’s expense. He also claims that capping the fee creates an environment where universities do not pay adequate attention to students’ needs and investors shy away from making substantial investment in universities. The same group argues that too much interference by the government has not allowed the education market function effectively. However, the president of National Union Students said that students already leaving universities with record level of debt won’t be able to bear any hike let alone lifting the cap entirely.

    Now the matter is under review by an independent committee, and the issue is also effectively being used by contestants in their campaigning for the upcoming general elections. A major chunk of public and students have strongly spoken against the proposal and the voice of stakeholders in favor of the proposal seems to be drowning out.

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