Tuition Agencies on Rise

    December 27th 2010, 4:47am - Posted by Administrator

  • Let's talk about the whooping profits tuition centers are raking in owning to a widening gap between A-Levels and undergraduate studies after a great number of students in the recent past have found themselves struggling to match the demands of higher education. These tuition agencies who have been traditionally known for coaching students for 11-plus exams, are struggling to meet the growing demands from undergraduate students.

    One of these agencies is Fleet Tutors which has around 7,000 students studying with them now, has admitted that their industry and business are growing faster than all past expectations. Around 130 university students benefited from the services of the agency only last year. Agencies like Fleet Tutors have been able to attract some of the most outstanding teachers from the industry to render their services to students looking to catch up with university standards. Liz Swoden, an English tutor who has helped many undergraduates said that most common problem students have is dealing with 3000-5000 words essays effectively. She added that students never encounter such tasks during their A-Levels and experience great difficulties writing long essays. Writing such essays is expected from students, right from the first day of their university regardless of their educational background. Universities have no system in place to find out the students who may need substantial help before they can be asked to submit their 3000-5000 words write ups.

    Many students and teacher blame the reforms to A-Levels in 2000 for inability of current students to produce as per universities’ standard. Ms. Sowden said that the gap has always existed but since the inception of new curriculum in 2000, schools don’t have much option but to teach to a January exam. Teachers are not spending as much as time on teaching as students need to build their writing and comprehension skills. Since most has come down to students resiting A-Levels exams in a large number and improving modules, OFQUAL, the exams watchdog has been instructed by the government to review the A-Levels exams and make necessary changes.

    Another issue students face is the lack of basic knowledge for a course such basic mathematics skills to study economics, as economics comprises of a great deal of math. In those cases, teachers are expected to fill in the gaps to help students embark on the higher level of courses in University and colleges. Another tuition agency shared the fact of seeing a noticeable growth of students applying for essay writing courses. It was also revealed that due a great divide between AS-Levels and University syllabus, most of the growth has been for disciplines like IT, Economics, Math and Law, which have a higher earning potential than other disciplines in today’s job market. Financial and accounting modules are where students tend to seek help from tuition services.

    Another teacher added to the same by saying that the competition to get accepted to top universities and colleges among students have fuelled to the trend of re-sitting A-level exams. As universities and colleges face growing demand in students enrollment, the grade criterion for students is become tougher and tougher. Students with lower grades resort to re-sitting exams to improve their prospects of entering a university for undergraduate studies. However, the danger lies with the status of the private tutoring as unregulated industry. No qualification is required for private tutors to say the least about it.

    Overall it's business which is booming through out the UK. A survey that went public last year found out that around 43% of youngsters in London had received private tuition during their schools time.

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