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    October 29th 2010, 21:30pm - Posted by Administrator

  • The expected plan of the government to announce a reduction in students visa has finally ensued strong protest from these biggest victims of this move, universities after non-European students. Universities fear to have depleted finances and slumped reputation around the world if the plan to reduce yearly students visas is pushed through.

    Talks on a sharp reduction in visas for non-European students have been loud and clear in the past months to deduce that shrinkage will be sharp and severely affect the income level of universities around the UK who mainly depend on international students to meet their expenses. The protest was lodged right a week before the Home Secretary, Thresa May is expected to announce the plan and since when it will be effective.

    This plan was initially considered by the David Cameron’s government when several reports of large scale abuse in student visas for sub-continent students came into light.

    The umbrella bodies of universities, ‘Universities UK’ threw it’s weight behind universities and expressed its fears of loosing the competition to the universities across the Europe and Asia who are hellbent to secure a bigger share in international students market. The body called the government’s move similar to tying hands of universities with artificial immigration limits and showed inability to compete with the other market players. CEO of Universities UK reiterated her concern and said blocking highly skilled workforce from entering UK will cause a huge damage to the economy and country in large. She said universities in UK will lose their cutting edge over universities around world if the government acts upon the proposed plan of the previous government. She emphasised that being able to recruit staff from all over the world is essential to maintain the cutting edge British universities are known for among students.

    The other big concern for universities is a definite loss of highly educated academic staff which comes from Asia as a result of reduction in work visas. Most universities heavily rely upon Asian and non-European workers to perform various academic and administrative tasks in universities.

    The issue gained nationwide attention when in October two russian-bron Manchester based who have won noble prizes sparked off with protest with the support of top scientists and vice chancelor against the cap on recuriting non-European staff and professionals. Their voice was heard at a time when many scientists had severly criticized the proposed immigration policy.As an extraordinary move, eight scientist wrote to the government and presented their absolute rejection of restriction contempleted by the Cameron's government. The letter asked the government to realize the severe implications these restrictions will bear by resulting in keeping the talented professionals from the UK.

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