Student enter SEX to fund studies

    December 26th 2010, 4:46am - Posted by Administrator

  • Today's generation is much more proactive then their preceding generations. In last 3 years, students have witnessed many challenges directly affecting their studies. It all began with the recession, then rapidly burgeoning inflation and the most recent is the sharp increase in the tuition fees in UK. All these have contributed to forcing students to look for other alternatives to fund their studies. A recent report published in a UK daily, disclosed that a growing number of female students have entered Sex industry to be able to pay their fees and living expenses.

    A growing number of students are turning to prostitution across the Scottish Capital, Edinburgh as the last resort to fund their studies. Being able to pay the tuition fees without undergoing a debt and more time to socialize have tempted many students to sell sex covertly. Despite Scottish government resisting the pressure to increase tuition fees, student debt has soared two folds in the country. According to an estimate, Scottish students who graduated last year owed, on average, around £6000 per student.

    A NUS Scotland's women officer agreed that many females students have chosen prostitution under increasing difficulties to finance their degrees. The publishing newspaper contacted a few female students who said the problem of students turning to sex selling is growing faster than many people think. A 20 year old, who is working as an escort, expressed her hardships as an English student to pay rent, bills and the degree cost. She said it was easy and time efficient way to make money and it would increase under expected fee increase in the near future.

    A board member of the charity Scotpep, which helps Edinburgh prostitutes , was of opinion that time-saving element is attracting more and more students into sex industry. He added that working as an escort is much more time saving than working in a bar or waiterssing.

    A student, Ana(name changed for students' privacy) said she began selling sex genuinely out of her difficulty to pay the degree cost. She said she had been juggling between her arts degree and up market escorting for a year now and most of her clients like her at the first sight. She explained how she read an ad for an escort and the “employer” turned out to be professional people looking for girls who could wine and dine with businessmen. She said it was a bit odd for her in the first two dates but after that she felt OK about it. Ana said she knew girls who were operating right out of their university bedrooms. A few months after entering sex selling, she was able to build a network of people who helped her find regular clients.

    Ana admitted that she had been worried about her secret profession and how the university may expel her if they found out about her escorting jobs.

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  • Feroz | March 28th 2013, 10:05am

  • This was a worrying piece...

  • Feroz | April 3rd 2013, 5:30am

  • Good Post;)