Sports pays for Top Class Education

    June 6th 2010, 11:22am - Posted by Administrator

  • Steep cost of education may not be a challenge for you to fret over if you are a tall and athletic teenager with outstanding NBA skill. This is the trend British students are following to pay for their education besides trying their fate in the basketball arena in the US.

    A survey, last year, revealed that students in the UK might be under £23,000 debt when they graduate-so the attraction of basket ball scholarship to a US university is getting bigger for British students every passing day. In the UK, students are not offered sports scholarships like in the US. Nonetheless, some of the famous players were able to make it to the NBA-thanks to the US college system. British players: Luol Deng of Chicago Bulls, John Amaechi and Steve Bucknall secured scholarships to US colleges before they become renowned basketball players.

    The crippling university cost has made this option extremely tempting for UK students and the benefits UK students get from US scholarships can be tremendously beneficial. A full basketball scholarship to Duke University covers two third of the annual tuition fee with room and board. However, scales of scholarship vary according to the potential of the player; students at the bottom level may not receive more than £340 a year.

    Bucknall says that for most students being able to improve their academic standing, learning skills and getting education is an enormous lure to try their fate in the US universities. He admits that most British students won’t be able to make it to the NBA but this gives them an opportunity to get quality yet substantially paid education. Another British basketball player in the US, Nhamo Shire, says he helped over 120 students from the UK follow his footsteps. He is also the founder of Midnight Madness, an annual event at which emerging British basketball players are invited to demonstrate their skills. Shire says “I've been around the game long enough to know the percentages. If you say 'you're going to be a professional player' you are setting them up for failure. You must use the basketball and not let it use you”.

    He warns students to be aware of the pitfall the US sport scholarship may have. He says he went back to studies when a sporting injury brought an end to this basketball dreams. He says that students may not be able to settle in their college but they will not have the “paid fee” option if they transfer to an other college.

    John Amaechi is ambitious to bring sports scholarship to the UK and he has established a basketball academy in Stockport to help up to 30 players win scholarships.

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