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    December 25th 2010, 4:44am - Posted by Administrator

  • According to news published on, Ofsted has indicated that the quality of science education in England's secondary school has improved over the last three years.

    Seemingly, the rise in the quality of science education came after the subject of science was scrapped of national tests, which led to more enjoyable lessons and less work of cramming. GCSE level's results have improved and more people are taking separate sciences as the inspectors of Ofsted said. It has proved contrary to the decision of increase in vocational science exams in the past that prevented pupils from taking the subject further.

    Ofsted inspected science teaching in around 200 schools and college in England. The inferences of improvement in Science was derived from the inspection reports from 2007 to 2010. The attainment in Science remained the same at primary level but showed an obvious surge in secondary schools. As per the record, last year 12,000 students were awarded an A* or A in GCSE in Chemistry, biology and physics, which was an increase of 24% compare to 2009.

    The combination of subjects known as "triple science" which was introduced in 2006 has led to an extraordinary increase in the number of students taking them.

    Teachers have been employing innovative approach in planning and enriching the science curriculum, full credit to the scrapping Sats in science of national tests. The need for good practical lesson was felt instead of revising lessons and this allowed to teachers to be creative with the practicals.

    The National Union of Teachers said that Ofsted's report compliments their call to scrap English and math test taken by 11-year-olds. Ofsted inspectors showed dissatisfaction with primary school teaching, pointing out to lack of confidence and a few teachers taking up extra training in the subject. These concerns were previously raised by the Royal Society when the society released a report on school sciences. The body had categorically talked about scant number of teachers with a mathematics and science background and training and practical investment is imperative to lift up the standard of teaching in primary schools.

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