Protests have flipped the picture

    December 24th 2010, 4:41am - Posted by Administrator

  • While students plan for a new round of protest against the cut in education and hike in tuition fee, a few of us have been busy rumoring, and to some extent expecting, the spark and vision behind the protests, are phasing out. Fortunately, there has only been a brief lull in students protest, even though in some universities sit-ins are in progress, and the last months protest has achieved many milestones in terms of revealing the true face of the government and exhibiting how students could be instrumental in raising the red flag when administrators of this country do not dispose of their responsibilities as expected from them.

    The last month protests by students have been monumental in many ways. Protests undertaken by students, brought student unions and bodies around the country under a single umbrella and instigated a deeper sense of responsibility and unity among them. Within a month, it explored the depth of politicians and their pledges, especially, Liberal Democrats. They suffered a great faction within the party on retreating party’s pledge to appose any cut in education.

    "Political u-turn" on the one hand has the state of political values in UK and on the other hand has flipped picture to the hidden side, which has proved that government value the safety of property way higher than the welfare of people. The media, which takes too much pride in being unbiased, considered the smashed windows and vandalized buildings a much more important than airing news of a philosophy student from Middlesex University lying in the hospital after being brutally hit with a police baton.

    These are the symptoms of society and politics in the country which demand an immediate "check up" and heavy doses and rounds of surgery. Politicians, full of absurdity and brutality, designed a policy which will disqualify the poor and middle class of the society and will become a legacy for rich only. They have had the audacity to deny the fierce impact on education and the poorest of the new policy, and have gone over all moral limits to use Police to quell students’ genuine grievances.

    A new era of political extremism has begun and challenged by students and social activists. The weapons of todays ‘revolutionary force’ are not conventional arms but Facebook and Twitter, which seem much effective in a "modern political disobedience". The new year, will bring us firmer aims and visions to link up all social forces to get up against the political feudal of UK who are hell-bent on depriving the poor and middle class from their basic rights to learn and educate themselves. The last two decades have been disastrous for education and other public services in UK. Politicians and governments, in the name of austerity and cost-cutting, played a havoc with the basic rights of people such as education and health. Now it’s time for us to get up and take the movement and country forward and serve as the voice of student, people and UK.

    To date, the response to new education policy from National Union of Students has been in the stark contrast of what it stands for, to strive for the rights and welfare of students in UK. NUS has refrained from making a clear, strong and ideological stand against the announced plans for fee hike, which has put the existence and stance of the union into sheer confusion. It’s a dire need of the time that NUS to comes out of vagueness and throws its full support behind the genuine stance of protesting students, and does not let the spark phase out.

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