Our Children under extreme pressure

    December 20th 2010, 4:36am - Posted by Administrator

  • This generation of ours is certainly under the heaviest pressures than any of our preceding generations. Pressures likes looking trendy, slim, healthy and getting high grades in school have been a must for today's children. An article published in The Telegraph recently, has put light on the matter and given a detailed account on various pressures children and growing youngsters in Britain face today.

    Technologies such as Mobile phones and Facebook, which were to make our lives convenient and fun, have actually made the lives of young generation even busier and energy guzzler than without them. Today's parents have a growing challenge of keeping their children from undesirable pressures like body image, and it has not been easy for them to face this challenge.

    The pole conducted by a daily newspaper with over 1,000 parents showed a widespread concern among parents about several academic and social pressures children face.today. An overwhelming number of parents shared their worries for equipping children for the pressures lie ahead of children. Around ? of them viewed the rigorous testing in schools as an unnecessary burden on children. Seventy eight percent of parents said children were not getting enough time to be on their own and play outdoors and indulge in other physical adventures which are essential for a healthy brain and body. Seventy five percent of them admitted to be helpless in having enough time to spend with children due to long working hours. The numbers also bring into attention the rapidly rising childhood depression.

    The pole and subsequently inferences by the daily has come at a crucial time when students and parents around the country are getting ready to face the challenge of paying up to treble university fees to educate their children.

    A UN survey, 3 years ago, ranked Britain embarrassingly low out of 21 countries. ΒΌ of the parents who participated in the survey said they were happier in their childhood than their children are in at the same age. Their concern is fully backed up the figures released by medical researchers who are convinced about having a 70 percent rise in mental health problems in the young. The researchers claim that one in ten teenage children has a mental health condition today. Many teenage children today suffer from high degree of depression, weight loss and even suicide attempts owing to the mounting pressure of getting good grades and finding a place in a top university. Until 3 years ago, we were talking about the same pressure Chinese students had to face and now that depression has spilled over to the Britain in a manner which is gnawing away at our young generation.

    A childhood play consultant said that contemporary pressures and they way parents enforce them upon children, are leaving children incapable to overcome them. He said today's children enjoy the least freedom to spend their times and their lives are overly control as soon as they reach the age of 2. Altogether this leaves their personality and childhood tattered.

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