More students choosing American Universities

    October 23rd 2010, 21:30pm - Posted by Administrator

  • In recent months, the government has come under a fierce criticism in Britain over hiking the university fees and cutting over all government spending on education. so much so, in last 10 days, thousands of students thronged the streets and staged sit-ins in universities to protest against these proposals. The current fee structure is already beyond the reach of many British students and as a result they have been choosing to study in American universities than their own British universities. Many American universities provide either cheaper fees. Ivy League universities, considered top universities all over the world, more or less same as what British universities will charge after the new proposal comes into effect. This makes American universities a better and tempting option for British students who either can't afford to pay £7000 yearly or they wish to get a better return on their investment, for which Ivy Leagure universities are known for.

    According to an estimate, every year around 9000 British students turn to American universities to find affordable education. The Institute of International Education, a US not-for-profit group shows in its Open Doors 2010 report that the number of British students in the US reached 8, 861 in 2009-10, a little above 2% increase than the previous year. It proves a growing interest among British students to opt in for American universities as British government pulls up its sock to raise tuition fee in Britain.

    The Fullbright Commission, which promotes transatlantic cultural understanding said that visitors traffic to its US study website had soared nearly a third. The same trend came into light when the attendance at its USA College Day rose by 50% this year.

    Lauren Welch, Director of Advising at the Fulbright Commission shared the common view that British students and parents are in squeeze between rising tuition cost and budget cuts in British universities. He said gap between American and British universities is closing fast since many students feel that spending £9000 in an American university is more valuable than their country’s universities.

    Joshua McTaggart, 19 is studying history at Harvard. He says it was cheaper to study in the US for him as he was able to secure admission in the unviersity under “needs-blind admission”. Under this policy students are given admission in American universities without considering their financial background. He receives more than $50,000 aid a year and covers rest of his costs with job at a college theatre. Joshua thinks the Harvard has given him a unique opportunity to study by providing him such a strong financial aid package which other Ivys don’t provide. He finds it cheaper to study in America than it would have been in London. He is happy that he will not leave the university with tons of debt on his debt.

    Elizabeth Felts, another harvard undergraduate holding dual US-UK citizenship is of opinion that Harvard offers a breadth of curriculum to students besides being much flexible and interesting than most British universities offer. Her scholarship covered the cost of her education alongside a family contribution. Besides Harvard, University of Southern California, University of Pennsylvania, Brigham Young University and New York University are the most preferred universities among British undergraduate students.

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