More Powers to Teachers

    September 25th 2010, 18:07pm - Posted by Administrator

  • We all have enjoyed ourselves while going to and coming back from school. The free time on the way to school felt like the last few minutes before our freedom would be gone for good 8-10 hours. But soon that opportunity will be gone as well.

    The Education Secretary has strongly expressed a need to punish children who act wild in a shopping mall and cause havoc in town centers. He delivered his speech at the Conservative Party Conference and showed his disappointment over people losing respect for the teaching profession. His comments came in the wake of a recently published research which revealed that 7 out of 10 teachers had considered to quite their jobs due to unbearable behavior in the classroom.

    The survey showed that over 90 percent of staff working at schools believed discipline in schools had dropped even lower and one third of them were forced to take time off from work because of increasingly bad-behaved children. Mr. Gove emphasized on the need of stopping to treat adults like children and children like adults. He said the Government was determined to maintain a balance of power in the classroom and empowering teachers as in the past.

    In the past, the Coalition has promised to empower teachers to check students for any suspicious item. Before teachers could only search for weapons, alcohol and stolen goods. While giving his speech on Tuesday, the minister announced that teachers will be allowed to suspend, expel and even order detentions to any students involved misbehaving outside school. So far, teachers and heads lack in powers to deal with students if they run wild in a shopping mall or simply demonstrate anti-social behavior in town centers. Mr. Grove repeated his plans to change the rules and send out a strong message that the heads will have powers to keep students in control even before and after school timings. He said student felt the law was on their side under the last government and the new plans will turn it other way around.

    General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, Ms. Christine Blower responded in a surprising tone, calling the plans were void of substance since students are already subject to disciplinary powers when outside of school grounds.

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