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    September 17th 2010, 1:48am - Posted by Administrator

  • London has been known as the one of the most expensive cities in the world. Being a resident of London is entirely a unique experience compare to the cities around the world. Living at the center of city is expensive to a point that ordinary people have moved to the suburbs of the city and travel by trains to reach the center of London. Traveling around an hour to reach the center is considered a standard one. A large of number commuters have to travel two hours everyday to get to work. The city is the great place to be but unfortunately most Englishman cannot afford to be here. Where everyone else is affected by the high living cost in London, local and internal students are even more affected.

    The national Union of Students recently highlighted the mounted cost of student accommodation by 21 percent in the last 3 years for the students in London. On average, a student today pays £125.34 a week for a shared room in London compare to 98.99 average rate nation-wide. NUS President, Aaron Porter admitted that it’s harder more than ever for students living in central London to find an affordable accommodation. The rents have particularly hit the highest around the country but in London the increase percentage has been the highest. According to NUS, in some cases, rent went higher by £250 per week making it impossible to for students to pay them.

    In Nido Spitalfields, the latest luxury student accommodation, room can be booked from £210 to £330 per week. This building offers free high speed internet access, a gym and “sky lounge” for parties. King’s Cross is another tower which has been promised to be built as “the best student accommodation in London” when it opens for students in three years.

    There have been calls from the civil society and people with large stakes in education to provide the same standard of living to students so the student with wealthy background can live and learn how the other half live. On the contrary, a smaller segment of the society keeps an opinion of allowing wealthy students to live in luxury if they can afford and the perception making others suffer because one is suffering should be eliminated.

    NUS President said that basic and affordable accommodation must not be undermined to create more luxury dwellings in the city.

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