Libs Dem voters dip

    December 17th 2010, 4:27am - Posted by Administrator

  • Since the announcement of new fee policy, the environment in the UK, especially, in London has been grim. Students have launched massive country-wide protests including sit-ins and violent protests. The government in spite of facing harsh criticism by all non-political segments of the country has taken the proposal to house of common and has won the majority to include it into country‚Äôs budget policy.

    Liberal Democrats are certainly, the next biggest stake holder, after students and their families, in this whole matter. Nick Clegg, the leader of Liberal Democratic party and a member of Parliament has lost his credibility in the row between students and Lib Dems over his party's agreement to oppose the fee increase on all forums in and outside of House of Common. The recent poll showed that around 50 percent supporters of Lib Dems wish to stop their support to the party Lib Dems' backing up on tuition fees hike. The same poll revealed that Nick Clegg's reputation hit bottom on the poll rating where only 25% thought he was trustworthy compare to around 66 percent prior to general election.

    Six months ago, the party leader had appeared to be the most regarded and loved politician since Winston Chruchill in UK. But it was his u-turn on the new policy on cut in education to join the coalition which not only brought his ratings down but the whole party suffered a sharp blow, bringing party's popularity down by two 40%. Around 29 percent of who previously voted for the party said they were less inclined to repeat it in future due to party's infamous u-turn. Another 17 percent said they would reconsider their decision in future. Comparatively, the Conservatives have performed far better on the poll. Only a tenth of their past voters said they would change their decision in supporting the party in future. David Cameron went only two points lower than before the election.

    Ed Miliband was quick to throw light on the matter when he stated that the leader of Liberal Democrat was no longer a progressive politician and he has clearly broken his promises. The labor leader said he believed that the Lib Dems leader is not looked up the way he had been in the past.

    The poll revealed an obvious concern among people about the rise in tuition fees. An overwhelming majority of the participants in the poll opposed higher charges, only 28% voting in favor of the policy. Three fourth of the people felt that the new fee policy will cause deprived background teenager to stay away from education, and 46 percent of parents admitted the new fees would make it almost impractical for them to send their children to universities.

    On the other hand, a separate polling published in the Sunday Telegraph indicated that 54 percent of those who voted Lib Dems in May still plan to vote the party in the next election. The findings will bring hard realizations to Mr. Clegg and other Lib Dem ministers.

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