Lib Dem MP stands out!

    October 21st 2010, 21:30pm - Posted by Administrator

  • In an absolute contradiction of what most Lib Dem politicians have done and spoke in favor, Paul Dixon, a LIB Dem councillor from Sunderland has been outspoken against the proposed student fees and cut in education budget. He one of 104 general election candidates who have signed a petition asking the MPs of their party to unanimously rise and vote against allowing university fees to go up to £9,000.

    All Lib Dem General Election candidates have signed a pledge to scrapping tuition fees which many of them latter decide not to honor. The students bodies are demanding the candidates to honor their pledge. Mr. Dixon firmly believes that the candidates must do as they pledged on December 9 when they vote on the proposal. He feels that if the proposal comes into effect as the next policy, a huge number of students in Sunderland will be put off going to university and that will have a devastating effect on city. According to him, student play an extremely important role in the economy of Sunderland.

    He admitted that his party had lost the trust of young people and he found it difficult to ask people to vote Dem Lib after they decided to go in favor of the proposed cut. He was confident in telling people that not just in Sunderland, but in other cities also, Lib Deb candidates are fighting the cut in education on their behalf.

    A very interesting fact of the matter is that Vince Cable, Business Secretary in government and one of Lib Dems announced this week his consideration for abstaining from vote. He has been the person in charge for the department which formulated the policy and furthered it for the final approval. Mr. Dixon urged the Lib Dem MPs to vote than sitting on fence since that would serve no purpose and put the party’s position on the issue into obscurity. He said he did not think that Dr. Cable knew what he was doing when brought the fees policy forward. He severely criticized the stance of some Dem Libs who said pre-election pledge was not longer valid since party itself is a junior partner in coalition with Conservatives. He said at no point during the election we thought that we would sway over the power.

    Mr. Dixon expressed his disappointment over taking a huge swing from scrapping the fees increase to supporting to raise it 300 percent. He reminded that it was Tony Blair's government who suggested and then introduced students fees and cut in grants for education.

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