Languages added to school league table

    December 15th 2010, 4:24am - Posted by Administrator

  • Authorities in UK have had worrying heads about the tanking and performances of students shown on the school league table by each school. But now, they seem to have found a solution to their concern. As the government announced, now grades of languages, science, history and geography will be added to the school league and parents will be able to see the proportion of of a school's students have achieved extraordinary results in these subjects.
    So far, school performance table has served to show the performance of those who secure C and above in English, maths and a few more subjects. However, ministers have been concerned about the inflated results that schools put up to show higher performance. The subjects included on the school performance table have been deemed "soft" thus idea for schools to show pupils' performance in them has gone out of proportion. The “soft” subjects have been under government’s scanner for quite awhile and decision to include other "hard" subject is an effort to balance out the school performance table.
    The plan will come into effect from the next month and the measurement of schools will be conducted according to the number of students who achieved good grades in five subjects: English, maths, science, a foreign language and a humanities subject. The new set of subjects has been called the English baccalaureate or "English bac".
    While discussing the new plans, the minister Michael Gove expressed his wish to award those pupils with a recognition certificate who will achieve five GCSEs in the newly announced subjects. He was of opinion that schools have been inclined to narrow the range of exams. They have made education too specific for pupils according to their objectives and disciplines. He strongly voiced in favor of making a few subjects like science mandatory for students. He supported his concern by the fact that a fewer and fewer students are turning to languages in schools and colleges as well. He added that this trend will eventually leave a mental capability, human beings have, unused. He has been determined to encourage students to study science subjects and said he gets inspiration from Asian countries that have come to a competing level with UK in reaping economic and cultural benefits.
    Under "a foreign language" all modern foreign languages will be included. For those, with an aptitude for ancient languages, Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Classical Greek have been added along with the other languages. The subjects studied at International GCSE level will be counted for English bac in Cambridge International Certificate.
    On the other hand, Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers has expressed her reservation over the inclusion of new subjects to the school league table. She said a number of schools will have a disadvantage of not being ready for the table in time and that will render them lower performance on the league table.

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