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    December 14th 2010, 4:22am - Posted by Administrator

  • An interesting article was published on guardian.co.uk yesterday which indicates the perception of home schooling is taking roots among the educators of the country after common people.

    Deborah, a school teacher with 15 years of experience, wrote the article and explained why she chose home schooling over conventional schooling for her children. She said even though children across the country are going back to school as the Winter vacations ends, her children will stay at home and will take home schooling from her. She said she was confident that home schooling was much better than sending her children to traditional school.

    In her article, she admits that her 15 years of experiences in teaching has been a positive and fulfilling experience. However, she did not like the repeated statements used in schools like "black boys are failing". She also admits that statistics have shown low level performance of black students in GCSE but the statements on purpose or out of habit do not recognize the achievements that black students have put up. She fears that the blanket statements being often thrown to black children, may undermine their progress and leave many students in-confident and low on self-esteem. Deborah shares about one of the school meetings she attended where majority of her co-teachers retorted “black boys” when the visiting trainer asked which group of children was failing. The trainer seeing the stats, corrected them and said in fact it’s white working-class boys who were failing. She was shocked to see the preconceived answer they all had towards black children despite of the fact that back then black children were not doing worse than others and in a few cases, had shown outstanding performance.

    With all that, when her eldest son did poor at math test, she began to see a slump in his grades. She and her husband set up a meeting with the teacher to find out the reason behind the falling grades. In the meeting, first, the teacher was surprised to know that their son was doing poor at Math and then Deborah was stunned to learn that scoring 25 percent score in math was a not a bad score to the teacher. It was the time when she got up and decided to make the decision that would ensure a competitive learning for her children. She took them out of schools with a clear vision in her mind what to do and how to help them gain all the necessary knowledge in home.

    She admits that the task to teach children in home is not as fancy as it may look to many. It demands plenty of determination, patience and hard work besides taking care of other home chores. Each year before annual inspection, she takes all the measures to keep her marking and work up to date on her children’s notebooks. Her hard work paid off when she opened an email informing her that her eldest son had been selected to go to one of the top secondary schools in her area a few weeks ago.

    Deborah does want to call schooling system in our country 'broken' as she herself has thought in schools for 15 years. But she feels that the current schooling system is quick to tell children that they are failing if they perform below expectations. She believes that her initiative to do home schooling for her children was an honest and courageous step that she is proud of taking, to save her children from being told "black children are failing".

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