Honor Killing in UK

    October 19th 2010, 1:20am - Posted by Administrator

  • While we all had set our eyes on the inhumane treatment of people in many Asian and African countries, a felony like "honor killing" had been breeding on British soil and took place in November last year.

    Sher Singh, a bogus foreign student who entered UK the same year, brutally killed Geeta Singh with a machete on behalf of her husband who believed that she was having an affair with another man. Her right hand was severely damaged when she tried to use that to shield herself from around 4 heavy blows inflicted by Sher Singh in Greenford, in West London last year.

    According to Geeta's family, Harpeet Aulakh, the husband of killed woman had abused her physically and harassed many times prior to having her murdered. When situation became intolerable for Geeta, she asked her husband, Harpeet to divorce her. Harpeet became furious over her “audacity” to ask for the divorce and used Sher Singh to put an end to Geeta’s life. There were instances when Harpeet was seen and heard to threaten to kill his wife by family friends and relatives.

    The court was informed that Mr. Singh came to the UK as a student under "tier four student visa" last year in July. He was enrolled in Kings Langley College for a hospitality management course. However, he never attended any class. Sher Singh was contacted by the college and warned about his absence. He went to the college for a meeting with the Principal and promised to start attending the classes immediately. After that, no one in the college ever heard from him. Finally, in September, UK Border Agency received an email from the college stating that Sher Singh had never attended his classes which is a clear violation of the terms of his visa.

    Sher Singh came across Harpeet while doing an odd job to make a living. Harpeet influenced him as a “man of the world” and was able to convince to kill Harpeet’s wife. In the court, Harpeet did not show any remorse over his involvement in killing his wife and refused to admit that he killed his wife. With a smirk on his face, he described Geeta as his “first love”. He had devised a plan to be caught by CCTV in a pub with a friend at the time of murder to come clear out of a possible suspicion by the police. But detectives found out that he himself offered £5, 000 to Sher Singh for the murder. He had been in contact with the killer on the phone a few hours before the murder. During the probe, Police found the weapon used to kill Geeta in a canal. Further findings proved that it was a Brazilian-made machete which were imported 20 in number by the sole UK supplier.

    The third person involved in the murder was Jaswant Dhillon, 30 who was on a look-out. The court gave him and Sher Singh minimum 22-year terms, and Harpeet under the possibility of facing 28-years term has denied to the murder and will be re-trialed. The mother of the murdered wife said, it was an inhumane and heartbreaking experience for the rest of her life. She said Geeta was a beautiful, vibrant and kind-hearted lady who left a lasting impression on all those who met her.

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