Foreign students not leaving UK

    December 12th 2010, 4:20am - Posted by Administrator

  • In the last couple of years, the matter of foreign students staying over their visa limits has come into light on all public forums. The previous and current governments have been openly expressed their concern over the illegal immigrants entering UK in the garb of students to attend English courses. The government, earlier this month, had announced to restrict students of English to six months if anything below a degree program. However, the government soon realized the hardships the new measure will cause for genuine students and institutes that find six-months time too little for any substantial progress for students. The limit has been almost reset to 11 months now.

    Many private local colleges have been at the helm of matter by providing legal assistance to bogus students to enter UK. Figures unveiled last week showed that a 40 percent increase in the number of bogus colleges, most of them are "very popular" among foreign students interested in taking certificate and non-degree programs. The alarming figure was about the foreign students who entered UK in 2004, 1 out of 5 of those is still in the Britain even five years later. Around 37, 000 students arrived in UK last year, most of them coming to learn English.

    The aim behind limiting the student coming to take short courses to 6 months was to save them from the full impact of points based visa and temporary immigration system. The new visa period has been extended to 11 months now by the immigration minister, Damian Green for those who have specifically enrolled into English language courses. He admitted that the decision was taken after many representatives of colleges and universities showed great dissatisfaction over the decision as some of their courses required much longer time than six months to conduct. Under this system, students are not allowed to bring in their families, switch to other immigration visas and work, it would be watched very closely as the minister announced. He was of opinion that many colleges were not selling education but immigration and the tax payer of the country has to bear the cost of their illegal actions directly when many of those students stay over their visas.

    The minister showed the firm commitment of the government to retain UK's position as a global leader in imparting education and said letting genuine students in for English language is vital to promote UK Plc. Tony Millns, the chief executive of English UK, which is the Representative body for 440 language centers welcomed the relaxation in student visa limit.

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