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    May 2nd 2010, 18:30pm - Posted by Administrator

  • According to an alumni of University College London (UCL), dating in the university was not as thin in the past as it has been now. Perhaps that was the reason which encouraged Rich Martell, a 21 year old student of UCL, to set up a dating website that could help students find their matches without losing and an arm and leg. FitFinder.com proved an impressive hit and attracted 5 million hits within a few weeks of its beginning. Soon the fever of FitFinder.com spread to other universities and the numbers of users grew even faster.

    For most of us, it was an impressive show of Mr Martel entrepreneurial skills which certainly helped him stand out of the thousands of students who would struggle to find work upon completion of their degrees this year. But authorities at UCL were not on the same page. The university deemed the website a source of distraction from academic work and reported that representatives of other universities contacted UCL to lodge their formal complain about FitFinder.com. This all lead furious UCL to slapping a £300 fine on the entrepreneur and putting vehement pressure on him to take the website down or lose the right of receiving his Computer Science degree.

    Regardless of how fairly UCL dealt with the matter, Mr Martel was finally forced to remove FitFinder.com with a note on the site thanking those who made the site a hit in such a short span of time, and a hope that the website soon will be in business again. A petition link is also available on the site, requesting users to sign the petition for brining the site back on. A recent visit to the website illustrated 7161 signatures already recorded and the numbers are on the rise.

    On the positive side, Mr Martel name has published in several leading newspapers in the country raving his entrepreneurial skills and how an undergraduate was possibly on his way to become another world’s youngest billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook.com. We can safely imagine job offers pouring in for Mr. Martel before UCL even awards him his degree.

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