Discipline at Top British Universities

    October 7th 2010, 19:09pm - Posted by Administrator

  • For most of us the name of Oxbridge and other elite universities in Britain is the synonym for best facilities, faculties, libraries, outstanding students and academic opportunities. Moreover, students studying at these universities are considered tomorrow's leaders and intellectuals and perhaps the best in their demeanour as well. But here expectations fall flat on their face.

    A recent article published in the telegraph revealed many facts about the behavior and attitude of students at these universities which don’t go along well with the past reputation of these institutes. A newly received dossier showed hundreds of incidents of drunkenness, indecent exposure, vandalism, nudity and violence over the period of last five years. So much so, once a college dean had to escape a place when a drunken student made inappropriate approach towards him in the naked state. In another incident a female student known for her inebriated behavior was caught “fouling” in a college corridor. A male student had to be rush to hospital after being servery beaten up by fellow students in Spring Ball event this year.

    These examples only represent a part of all incidents reported to college administration between 2005 and 2010. These embarrassing antics came into light after a “freedom of information” request of the Cambridge University Student newspaper was entrained by the university. These exposures bring out a colorful view of the life at Cambridge, commonly known as the springboard for 15 British Prime Ministers.

    Among universities that responded to the requests for details of disciplinary matters, Churchill, Sidney Sussex and Clare emerged with the three worst records based on the record they provided. Dr Priyamvada Gopal, the dean of Churchill College, informed about 91 incidents in five years from 2005-2010. She says that once several drunk students and alumni were running naked around the college after a rugby dinner. Such happenings included an illegal gambling den in the college which was being operated out of a student’s room. Whereas another student was caught with a rabbit and hamster in his accommodation.

    Some students became involved in discipline and other violations more than once prompting college authorities to cancelling the enrolment of those students. There were cases of students being fined up £250 and enforcing a 10am curfew and stripping bar privileges as a result of attacking other students with bottles after being drunk. In a rare incident, a student after curfew and bar ban was again caught injured after being drunk with friends and trying to break down a door. The dean recommended a number of measures to deal with that student including a year long suspension, permanently booting out from the college.

    Around 112 disciplinary cases were reported at Sidney Sussex College. A student was reported to had vomited into a hand basin and left the water running thus, causing flooding the library below. The porters barely prevented the valuable books from being damaged. A whisky tasting party ended on a shameful note when the group of students at the party became extremely drunk. The organiser was found drunk and urinating outside the Porter’s lodge.

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