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    December 11th 2010, 4:18am - Posted by Administrator

  • Two things the government practiced in last three week which made it official: disabled masses are not allowed to be independent anymore. Amid the uproar over how relentless government has been towards disabled people, last week the government announced that it would gradually step down Independent Living Fund(ILF) a stipend that more than 21,000 disabled people receive to help them pay for their expenses in respectful manner. The step to cut down such a vital provision proves that bank bailouts and subsidies in taxes to millionaires are more important priorities for the government.

    Earlier Jody Mclntyre, a 20-year-old journalist and activist with cerebral palsy was batoned and dragged across the road from his wheelchair. The whole scene was seen by millions of people in the UK on TV and Youtube with extreme disgust. As Laurie Penny puts in her article on the incident “The press has been trying to imply that, because Jody is a revolutionary activist and ideologue who has travelled to Palestine and South America, he cannot be a "real" disabled person – he must, as Ben Brown suggested on the BBC, have somehow "provoked". He must have deserved the beating and the humiliation of being pulled out of his chair and across the road; he must have asked for it." In this spree of utter shameful response from BBC, other players from the media joined it. Some of them were open to say that because Jody joined the protest and he dared to make his voice heard against the government’s policies, Jody Mclntyre is not a geniune disabled person.

    Jody, students and people all around UK have been left shocked to see the abysmal response Police and the media have displayed to students' legitimate protest over fees increase. Police has violated the law they are responsible to enforce by offering Jody nothing but inhumane treatment and showing absolutely no remorse over their abject attack on a wheel-chaired peaceful activist.

    One cannot overlook the fact that the government has not been ruthless towards students but also to disabled people of the country. The government is eyeing at the provisions given to disables people and is determined to bring the stipend to zero eventually. A massive number of disabled people already living below the poverty line and many cannot even afford heating for their houses; the government has practiced the audacity with temerity to assume that most of disabled people on dole are actually faking. This will simply aggravate the situation instead of doing any good to the disabled ones and the country in large.

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