Derogatory Remarks for French Language

    April 16th 2010, 11:02am - Posted by Administrator

  • The past week, Chris Bryant, former minister for Europe under Gordon Brown, delivered a speech in the house of commons warning British schoolchildren about the dwindling value of French language. He went further to call French language "useless" which brought him into lime light triggering a slew of condemnation and protest from general masses and politicians equally.

    Mr Bryant, in his speech in the house of common said that young people of the country must be directed to learning languages which are more useful for businesses. He said "Unless we have sufficient numbers of people who speak modern foreign languages - and not just the useless modern foreign languages like French ...". Mr Bryant called Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic most significant languages apart from English. Tory protested that Mr Bryant's remarks are insulting while Mr Bryant defended his earlier statement "I've said this to the French. I think they realise there are problems." He claimed that French had be been the most useful language for diplomatic purposes but a change had taken place in last 30-40 years and it has lost it's past importance.He said the most significant languages to speak now, aside from English, were Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic.

    Data released earlier this year indicated the popularity graph of French and other European languages among secondary school students has dipped to a new low. Labor government when in power pledged to make languages mandatory for all 7-11 years old pupils from 2011.

    Ed Balls, then Schools Secretary, advocated that all secondary school students should be given opportunities to study and learn Mandarin.

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