British people are overeducated

    December 8th 2010, 4:17am - Posted by Administrator

  • Wikileaks has not just put the world in upheaval but has changed the way we used to think about politics, governments and diplomatic relationships. The effect of the leaked cables is just not growing in the UK but has brought something enlightening for students and universities in UK as well. According to the leak, the world renown business from UK, Richard Brenson admitted that British people are over-educated for entrepreneurship during a lunch meeting in Beijing.

    It's a well known fact that Richard Branson left school when he was 15 and began running his own business when his fellow students were still studying. As revealed by the leaked cable, Mr. Branson believes that the current education system in Britain does not help budding businessmen and females. He was sharing his thoughts with Chinese businessmen at an event held in January 2008. The event named "what makes a good entrepreneur?" had invited many budding and successful Chinese entrepreneurs. Speaking from their stand point, Chinese businessmen also censured British entrepreneurs as being “overly educated”, too conservative and lacking passion for entrepreneurship, and too afraid of failure. Against the expectation of Chinese businessmen at the event, Mr. Branson agreed on what he had been said about British entrepreneurs and further added that schooling does not prepare one for entering the business world. Chinese also pointed to Chinese education system which was inadequate to prepare creative breed of businessmen and getting more and more influenced by western countries practices.

    Mr Branson has been vocal about unnecessary significance given to business education and compared his own business experience with a university degree. To answer a question from a student for the Livemint website, he said his own businesses projects are so varied that he is able to gain an extended university course. However, he admitted that his story of quitting school at the age of 15 will not work for everyone since a diploma equips a person with all the necessary skills required to build and initiate a business and run it effectively. Nearly every British university operates its own entrepreneurship society, and Mr. Branson has founded the Branson School of Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

    The number of world renowned entrepreneurs, who dropped out of the schools and colleges to pursue their own business plans, is quite big to overlook the claim of our education not in line with the entrepreneurship. The list includes Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Simon Cowell. Mark Zuckerberg, one the recent successful entrepreneurs, was only 20 when started out Facebook.

    Peter Thiel, who has given financial support to Facebook, said that some of the world’s transformational technologies were created by people who stopped out of school because they had idea that could not wait until graduation. He has also announced to offer 20 two-year $100,000 (£63,800) fellowships to teenagers who are ready to leave their education and work full-time on their entrepreneurial ideas.

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