Bogus students

    April 1st 2010, 7:21am - Posted by Administrator

  • British universities are world wide known for quality education, state of the art research and study centers and equipping students with up-to-date knowledge and skills. However, this rout to enter UK has been brazenly abused by bogus colleges and foreign students.

    In the past decade, a rapid growth of bogus college was seen which were primarily set up to sneak foreigners into UK disguised as students. Following several incidents where such colleges were exposed and reported, and this year in January, the Government cracked down on bogus colleges after last year in March it revised the student visa policy under the new point based system. The new system made it mandatory for colleges to acquire a formal approval to sponsor a non-EU student.

    Around 2,100 universities submitted applications to get formal approval which were scrutinized by a UK Border Agency Officer and total 460 were rejected for not having satisfactory credentials and structure to sponsor a non-EU-Student. Ironically, under the immigration rules the students already in UK from rejected colleges could stay in UK and continue studying in their institutes until their visas expire. It showed a serious lack of consistency in immigration policy and profoundness within the ministry of education and UK immigration department to control the influx of foreign workers as students.

    All the fact listed above show the porous visa policy our UK immigration has drawn up and how unscrupulous elements in and outside of UK are taking full advantage of that. The government needs to revise its visa policy once again and ensure that only genuine students enter UK and no college or university puts the security of British people at risk.

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