American Studies for Britishers

    December 4th 2010, 4:15am - Posted by Administrator

  • No matter how much we deny but America and Americanism has influenced the rest of the world, including the great Britain. American president, politics, TV channels and movies are vigorously followed by British people and media.

    American studies graduates study and read numerous aspects of the US from economics to Politics and American history. British students, who choose to pursue American Study, have an opportunity not only gain knowledge on USA but also to live American life, with Americans, in American style. But, in the end, it’s always about what your education gives you back. Higher studies without strong prospects to find employment may back fire. The good news is that students with American Studies degree can also find jobs.

    The US being the biggest economy in the world, contributes over 30% to the economic activities around the world. That means, many US based companies build strategic relationships with businesses around the world thus they would rather deal with someone who better understands their culture and language. Students with a deep knowledge of America's history and understanding of its Political system, constitution, culture and society could be attractive to prospective employers.

    Other skills stemming out of such studies are critical and logical thinking, better communication, negotiation and cultural awareness that become a must when serving for American off-shots and their off shore partners. Such extensive knowledge of a person considered very useful in businesses and many non-governmental organization. On the other hand, working for such businesses, gives British students opportunities to gain further learning on the US and how they became the biggest economy of the world.

    British students with American skills will have abundance of sectors to find jobs and utilize their distinguishing skills. Sectors like banking, accountancy, media, advertising, marketing, political administration and law stand out among all. However popular choices among American studies graduates are teaching, journalism, publishing, law, broadcasting and librarianship, data extracted from graduates of 2009. Around 59% of graduates from 2009 batch found jobs as soon as they finished their studies, even though most of them took up clerical/secretarial jobs which is a sign bad job market generally. Around 11% entered marketing, 8.7% business and finance while 5.6% into the arts, design, culture and sports fields. Interestingly, despite having American brand on the degree, only 4% went to work abroad. An 8% of this batch went to pursue higher studies and 2% of them taking up teaching qualification.

    One of the famous American study graduates John McCarthy, the TV journalist who rose to prominence when he was held hostage in Beirut between 1986 and 1991.

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