2011 highest applicants to Universities

    December 2nd 2010, 4:12am - Posted by Administrator

  • 2011 may turn out be to a defining year in British education. This year, as per the new policy, the new tuition fee structure will come into effect and universities, under some conditions, will be able to charge three times annually of what students have paid in their tuition fee so far. The exorbitant increase in tuition fee for university student has posed a real threat to many future students as most of them will never be able to pay that. So the solution to many student is being proactive and enroll into universities before they are hit by the higher tuition fees.

    There are clear indications that admissions in universities this year will be record high. Uac, Central organization that processes students applications, has noticed the apprise in the number of students applying to universities. According to Uac, around 2.5% increase has been witnessed compare to the same time last year. Ucas admission services opined that the surge in the number of student applications means there will be an intense competition for places in universities before the increase in tuition fees is effective.

    David Willetts, the universities minister, has recognized the upsurge in demand and said the places for students many increase in universities as well. The figures published by the Ucas are at preliminary credibility since it’s the start of the academic year and the inferences derived out of the data will remain inconclusive until the end of the year. However, the change in the figures suggests a lot in terms of the students’ response to surge in tuition fees. The interim figures show that 334,064 applicants have applied for admissions by December 2010, which is an increase of 8,000 compare to the same time last year. If the growth of the application maintains, this will set new record this summer. The record will also be set for the students left due to unavailability of places for them. Last year around 209, 000 students could not find a place in universities for themselves. Interestingly, the increase of 2.5% this year is significantly lower compare to the increase in students' applicants previous year. The jump in the number of admission application was 23% last year which may mean leveling off in the demand finally after so many years of rapid growth in applications. But the growth is still expected as the year progresses since 2012 will mark the beginning of the new tuition fees policy.

    Another interesting analysis coming from the figures published by Ucas is a slump of students aged 17 and 18 and a soar in application of students in 20s, 30s and 40s in comparison with the last year.

    Ucas says that a clearer image of the change in the trend of application will come out at the end of this month. The universities minister said that even though not all students will find place in universities but the government is determined to repeat the additional 10,000 seats as it was done the last year.

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